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    Not all Sorcerers use Quicksilver, for many reasons. Some claim purity of their sorcerous disciplines; others follow rigid traditions laid down by mystics long before the arrival of Quicksilver. Still others fear the dangers of rogue Quicksilver, or the risks of committing their mental reserves outside of their sorcerous arts.

    For the later, some Sorcerers use Quicksilver to augment their own psychic might. One of the first means of doing so is imprinting of a personal Quicksilver “power stone” (“mana sphere” and “psychic matrix” are other terms sometimes used).

    The power stone trades minimal investment of personal psychic reserves (i.e., NRG) to create Quicksilver energy reserve (NGR) which more than offsets the investment.

    Quicksilver Power Stone
    Weight: 1 kg (0 difficulty for Imprinting)
    PSYC (2) – 8 PSYC.
    Skill Enhancement (1) – Sorcery (choose specific discipline)

    The NRG cost for the Power Stone is 4 (1 for imprinting + 0 for mass + 3 for the Enhancements). In return, the Sorcery is able to access 6 NRG (a 2 pt gain over the investment).

    The Sorcerer often finds the return useful, but minimal. Additional Enhancements (2 pts, in the example above) are available to add additional benefits in return for a zero-sum game. Armor and Mental Resistance are favorites. Creating higher PSYC Stones increases the size of the NRG pool, but the corresponding cost rises equally (zero-sum) … until PSYC 11 or 12, where the NRG pool provided is proportionally greater than the points invested. At those levels, the Sorcerer is investing 10 or 12 personal NRG points to receive a pool of 13 or 17 NRG via Stone.

    Other Sorcerers darkly note that there is nothing for free in life, and point to various high PSYC Silver Thralls and other wild Quicksilver monsters as examples of the price to pay for seeking such power.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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