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    Just about the time everybody has a handle on that “Kickstarter” thing, along comes something else: “Patreon”. Unlike a Kickstarter, Patreons go on as long as a creator keeps creating.

    Mine is called Peculiar .PDF’s. Here’s the deal:

    Every month, I create up to 3 new publications. They may feature one thing or be a collection of several. It’s a bit like a magazine. There are folktales, original poems, paper crafts, recipes, science features, and whatever eccentric fun thing comes to my mind. Those who are signed up as my Patron grant me $1 for each. So, that’s a maximum of $3 per month.

    All those projects that I dropped because they were too small to put up as an RPGnow product will now see the light of day. For instance, there’s a little balance for Kneadatite so the yellow and green portions can be balanced at a small scale thus reducing waste, and those market stalls for 25-30 mm tabletop RPGs.

    Those projects that required days of work making the instructions are getting completed, such as Pin Corners and Tiny Books. Without the instructions, *I* could use them, of course, but nobody else could.

    And then, there are a few projects that didn’t fit into the UNIgames line-up directly, but are still a heck of a lot of fun, like La Belle.

    You, my Patrons, keep me producing. You’re the first to get copies of these new and interesting doo-dads. But, let’s just say you can’t afford $3 a month to inspire me.

    Here’s the best part: Most of the Peculiar .PDFs will become available FREE to the public. So if you help publicize my Patreon, and you help my future Patrons find me, I’m able to create more new things. That “pushes” the old ones into being available to EVERYBODY.

    So, please do check it out, and, please put in a good word for this web site!
    Thank you so much.

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